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Skiing in Jahorina (Bosnia) - Guide

Tags: Adventure
When:Oct 30, 2017.
Jahorina offers one on the most exciting skiing experiences in Bosnia. So, if you are planning to get a taste of what this epic location has to offer, you will need some background information just to make sure you are well prepared for the trip. Here we give you highlights on how to get there, what to eat, accommodation and of course the slopes of Jahorina.

How to get there

In case you are an international traveler keen on quenching your thirst for skiing in Jahorina (Bosnia) you will first need to get yourself to Sarajevo. This is the capital city of Bosnian and Herzegovina. From Sarajevo you have several options you can use to travel to Jahorina. You can take a bus from Sarajevo. This is the most affordable option. For instance, geo Tours offers a bus from Sarajevo to Belgrade via Jahorina. Alternatively, you can opt for a taxi or if you are rushing against time you can board a plane to your skiing destination. However, this last option is rather costly.

What to eat

Want quality food in Jahorina? You will not be disappointed by what this destination has to offer. Dobros doughnuts as an appetizer won’t do you bad. In fact, you will get plenty of Balkan foods in this location, think of new sounding names like rakija, Jahorinski ragu, that is a gula served with polenta and you start getting a feel of what this attraction has to offer. Rest assured you will get the best that Jahorina has to offer in terms of barbeque, international dishes, and Eastern European dishes.


You will get excellent accommodation in Jahorina. Of course, this will depend on your taste and budget. If you are looking for high-end five-star accommodation you can try hotels like Hotel Lavina, Aparthotel Vucko, and Grand Apartment Lucic.

In case you are a budget traveler, do not get worried. You can still get reasonable accommodation here. Well, you might not have the luxury of the pricier guest houses but you will still be able to unwind comfortably after a great day skiing. Just to offer some insights, you can try places such as Apartment Jahorina, Aparthotel Vila Bella, Vikendica Teodora, Pansion Rog and many other similar but more affordable accommodation. The good thing is that you can always book your room in advance.

What even better are the excellent restaurants and cafes that dot this town. Skiing here offers you the opportunity to enjoy your yummy meals in such hotels as Ski Caffe Peggy or Caffe Restaurant Peggy.

The Slopes

The runs/ ski slopes present three levels depending on your expertise. In total for snowboarding and skiing, there are a total of 25 kilometers of slopes available. These are divided as follows: there is a 3km stretch of the easy slope, there is a 19km of intermediate level slope and 3km of the difficult slope. It is also worth knowing artificial snow-making is possible since 20% of these slopes have snow-making capabilities.

Armed with these vital tips you now have all the reasons to have fantastic times skiing in this world-renown destination.




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