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Yachting along the Peljesac Peninsula

Tags: fun
When:Apr 10, 2018.
The Pelješac Peninsula is situated along the Adriatic Sea. Despite the colourful history of Croatia, and Pelješac Peninsula in particular, the region has an unmatched and inveigling beauty. If you imagine Napoléon’s troops sailing along this Peninsula, you might wonder how the world has not yet discovered all that it can offer. It is endowed with the bounties of nature that have still not become the mainstream tourist attractions.

Other than its local variety of champagne and bountiful fish little is known about the place. But recently, many groups have been hiring yachts to explore the Peninsula at leisure. If you are looking forward to some relaxation, sailing and sightseeing, then book a yacht today and sail around to the little inlets along the way.

Places to see in the Pelješac Peninsula

The Fortifications at Mali Ston

Spanning more than 5Kms, the stone walls of Mali Ston are the longest existing fortificaitons in Europe. They were constructed to protect the salt pans in the region. Even today, salt is harvested between April and October when the summer heat evaporates the sea water rapidly, leaving behind a rich deposit of harvestable salt. Some locals participate in the harvest in exchange for free food and lodging. You take a break from sailing and enjoy the
delicious seafood at small specialty restaurants along the Bay. In the evening the Bakus Tavern is a cool place to mingle with the local and learn about theirunique customs and traditions.

Mali Ston

The Winding Vineyards

Apart from natural beauty you will find great wine while visitng Peljesac peninsula. While you are yachting along the coast, a visit to the wine producing hamlets is something you must not miss. A little ahead of Mali Ston is vast area that produces the local red coloured grape. You will not regret visiting the Frane Milo’s Stagnum vineyard or the Saint Hills Winery. These places are the most popular ones for their beautiful landscape as well as for the quality of their wines. Almost 90% of this area has wineries so you can’t miss it. As you are sailing across the Pelješac Peninsula you can take a short stop to take some champagne back home.

The Sands of Zuljana

The Pelješac Peninsula has an abundance of picturesque spots that would enchant tourists. But as far as beaches are concerned, the Zuljana beach is the most popular. This is a small, typically Croatian fishing village.

Its long pier, glittering sands, warm sea breezes, scrumptious local seafood and breath-taking vista makes it a wonderful spot for a day’s fun on land. The shallow waters are safe for swimming and there are many hidden coves
that you can explore during the day. As you are sailing towards Zuljana, just anchor your yacht and spend an enjoyable day with the cheerful local fishermen.


Pebble Beaches of Duba and Divna

While you are sailing northwards, you will comes across something very unique…the twin pebble beaches of Duba and Divna. The places consist of just a handful of houses and there are no commercial establishments like shops or restaurants. These beaches are just right for a day’s rustic experience, collecting beautiful, coloured pebbles and then sailing off into the Adriatic Sea on your rented yacht.

These are just a handful of the many splendours of the Pelješac Peninsula. The region offers so much natural beauty that it is worth renting a yacht and sailing along the bay areas at a leisurely pace.




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