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Top 5 Australian Weekend Destinations

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When:May 26, 2017.
Sometimes we need some time off to enjoy ourselves and explore, but we don’t have the time for a proper vacation. The solution sounds simple: go away for the weekend. However, sometimes that’s easier said than done. Choosing a weekend destination can be frustrating – it needs to be close enough so you don’t spend the majority of your time on the plane or in a car. It should also have enough things to see and do to keep you interested, but not so much that you feel overwhelmed. Here are our 5 favorite Australian weekend destinations.


The vineyards of Adelaide

Wine is one of those little things that elevate our lives. A glass of a strong, rich red, or a refreshing and delicate white can be almost a gourmet experience. Wine lovers are sure to feel at home in Adelaide, and even more so the rolling hills surrounding it. With plenty of premium wine cellars, and a rich schedule of festivals and other events, your weekend should be filled with deliciousness and fun.

The spa of Daylesford

Daylesford is the place to go if you are exhausted by the grind of the hectic daily routine, and you just want to feel pampered and relaxed. The spot has been a popular spa since the 19th century, owing to the therapeutic powers of its natural mineral springs. The picturesque landscape of the Victorian highlands, the excellent wines, the delicious local food, and the general laidback bohemian vibe all add to the experience. Daylesford is also home to one of Australia’s favorite LGBTI festivals – ChillOut, held over the long weekend in March every year since 1997.


Explore the North in Katherine

The northern parts of Australia are seldom the top choice of travellers. After all, most people opt for the usual beach getaway or an urban weekend in one of the big cities. Some even avoid remote destinations because it’s too complicated to bring their pets. However, this problem is easy to solve with the help of a reliable pet boarding service. The pristine beauty of Northern Territory will take your breath away if you make the effort to go off the beaten path. Katherine is the perfect starting point for exploring the nearby gorge, whether from a canoe, a helicopter, or on foot.

At the edge of the Reef: Cairns

Did you know that the Great Barrier Reef is so big, it can be seen from space? Cairns is a wonderful place to spend a couple of days, whether you are a passionate scuba diver heading out to the reef, or just an overtired city-dweller looking for a couple of days of lying in the sun with a cold drink in hand and the sound of ocean waves. You can also head into the lush rainforest in search of the rich wildlife, or look for the gorgeous waterfalls around Atherton Tablelands.


The dramatic views of the Kimberley

Sometimes we tend to forget just how diverse and dramatic the nature of Australia is. After all, it is a vast continent. And if you are searching for a landscape where you can truly feel its expanse, there’s no better place than the sparsely populated Kimberley. The gorges, the mountains, the plains, the deserts surrounding it, the waterfalls and Cable beach – perhaps the most stunning beach on the continent – wherever you turn, you will witness a breathtaking natural wonder.

A short stay can actually be exactly what you need: it can motivate you to enjoy your destination to the fullest. And whether you are looking for a lazy beach holiday, cultural enlightenment or activity crammed adventure in the wilderness, one thing is certain: Australia’s got it all.



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