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Top 4 Whitewater Rafting Vacations in Europe

When:May 29, 2017.
If you love adrenaline, especially the kind that comes from water sports, rafting is just the thing for you. There are many exciting and fun rafting destinations in Europe, but if you by any chance don’t know where to go, we prepared some of the best whitewater rafting destinations for you to choose from. Take a look.


Noce Rive, Italy

Noce River is one of the most popular rafting rivers in Europe, and definitely the best rafting spot in Italy. If you happen to be on holiday at Trentino, don’t miss out on visiting Noce for some rafting. Noce has astounding 28 km of navigable water perfect for rafting and full of class IV and V rapids. One of the longest continuous routes in Europe offers courses at all levels, from short routes for family and beginners, to extreme routes for adrenaline junkies. Noce is surrounded with untouched nature of Val di Sole you can enjoy while racing down the river. Besides rafting, you can do various activities at Noce River such as fishing, cycling on paths alongside the river or relax in a spa. It’s really an unforgettable adventure.

Coruh River, Turkey

This one is neither for the beginners nor for those faint of heart. Coruh is one of the fastest rivers flowing through breathtaking Kackar Mountains in eastern Turkey. It cuts through many gorges that flourish with wildlife such as bears, wild boars and mountain goats. It flows past many historical ruins and castles dating all the way back to the Byzantine Empire. You need only one word to describe this river and that word is extreme. But if you have a lot of rafting experience, you will have a blast at Coruh, but keep in mind there are many class V rapids that can get tricky to overcome even by professionals. While there, you can also visit Tekkale village and Ispir town for some town and castle exploration.


Rhine River, Switzerland

Rhine river cuts right through the Ruinaulta, a gorge also known as the Grand Canyon of Switzerland because of its enormous size and high walls. Instead of sandy walls of original Grand Canyon, Rhine flows past exciting folds of granite walls and cliffs. The scenery is truly amazing, and you can feast your eyes on the nature while you’re trying to overcome class III and IV rapids characteristic for the river Rhine. The water is mesmerizing light blue which creates a beautiful contrast with white walls and evergreen forests of more gentle slopes. Aside from rafting, you can explore mountain regions of Switzerland and soak up the sounds and smells of beautiful nature.

Tara River, Montenegro

If you want to describe Tara River rafting you can best do so by using words such as adrenaline, excitement, untouched nature, fresh mountain air and loads of fun! Tara River cuts through the mountain region between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro and it has created a true paradise for nature and rafting lovers. Tara River has formed a deep canyon with wild and unique rapids that will challenge every adrenaline junky. You are guaranteed to fall in love with crystal (and drinkable!) water, beautiful wildlife, evergreen forests and amazing landscapes of Tara River. Tara River can also boast with having the deepest canyon in Europe. While there, you can visit other attractions like Đurđevića Tara Bridge or you can explore some of the 80 mysterious caves, but make sure not to miss the last 25 km of the river and try your rafting skills at its 20 foaming rapids.

So, grab your friends and head down to one of these amazing rafting destinations and test your skills and endurance rushing down these rivers. You’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable time!



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