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Best Water Gazing Spots in Sydney

When:Jun 29, 2017.

From the sunset-laden beaches to the riverside cafes, Sydney boasts quite a waterfront offer for all tastes and preferences. The versatile, laid-back culture of this iconic city inspires everyone to visit its majestic shores and hidden nooks by the water, whether it’s just to feast your eyes, meditate, hike or sip some of Australia’s finest coffee.


A name that evokes an image of opulence, and for a good reason, this region of the city is known for its affluent residents, but also for its magnificent view of the Tasman sea. If you’re looking for a tourist-free stroll and a cup of coffee or a trademark taste of the cruffin (the love child of a cronut and a muffin), stop by to The Trail on your way to the Diamond Bay.
Silent and serene, the rugged cliffs of this bay will surely inspire you to savor every moment you spend overlooking this magical view of the sea. Sit back, listen to the rumbling waves and soak in the beauty.


Bondi to Bronte walk

Almost three kilometers of pure bliss, this walk offers an hour and a half of versatile ocean scenery perfect for a meditative soul. With so many hidden nooks and crannies, among numerous famous beaches, this stretch of seaside allure is bound to seduce you with its charm and spirit.
You can either make a pit stop for a refreshment somewhere mid-road, bring your own reserve of cool water (highly recommended), or revel in the entire hike until you reach your destination – there, you can set up a picnic in the Bronte park, or check out the pet-friendly Café Salina and their famous ricotta hotcakes.


Darling Harbour

A blend of urban and green, this lively area is one of the favorite water gazing spots for the locals and the tourists alike. Every one of its seaside stops is a sight for sore eyes and restful for the soul. You can chill at the King Street Wharf or stop by to one of the buzzing Darling Harbour restaurants in the Cockle Bay Wharf, known for serving delicious signature cocktails, such as the Sea Breeze or Chico Loco.
With a contemporary flair and timeless love for all things natural, this area of the city has a charming character and numerous options for silent moments of contemplation.


Elizabeth Bay

Yet another suburb of Sydney with a luxurious feel, but even visitors feel at home after a single visit to this peaceful, relaxed bay. A view of the ocean away from the city center rumble is even more appealing from the benches of the Beare Park, nestled right next to the shore.
If you’re craving for a juicy sandwich or a fresh beverage, a local café by the name of Heart of Glass offers a splendid water view and a menu to tease your palate.



Comfortably cradled on the northern Sydney shores, Manly is an eclectic mixture of modern and untamed, so you can find a suitable spot by the waves or take a seat in one of many cafes and restaurants this area offers. Just a walk away from the Manly Wharf lies the waterfront Manly Pavilion with a spectacular terrace and a brunch menu to satisfy even a true gourmet.
A visit to the Little Manly Cove or the surfing hotspot on Manly beach will both be a treat for all your senses. Then again, for a romantic picnic, a trip to the hidden paradise of Collins Flat Beach is an absolute must – with a captivating view of the ocean and the tranquility of the surrounding nature, this is the crown jewel of the area when it comes to breathtaking beauty.



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