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Cultural heritage of Hong Kong

Place:Wong Tai Sin Temple,Po Lin Monastery,Wanchai Livelihood Museum,Lam Tsuen Hong KongChina (Hong Kong)
When:Apr 10, 2015.

Hong Kong is one of the most developed cities in the world and it's considered by many, a true financial center. At a first sight, the skyscrapers and the big shopping centers will make you think that you're walking in a futuristic city. But Hong Kong is more than that. Its 2000 years history, left an important mark on the city's identity and this can be observed by its amazing cultural and historical gems. Bellow, we will present you the most iconic cultural treasures of Hong Kong and why should you visit them.

1) Wong Tai Sin Temple

This establishment was first built as a Taoist temple but now, it's a multi-religious vestige. It's also hosting some Buddhist and Confucian inscriptions, and it's welcoming anybody, no matter their religion. The shrine of the temple is considered to be holly and to really answer your prayers. For a more intense experience, you should visit Wong Tai Sin during a festival. You will have the chance to see some amazing rituals and you will truly understand the Taoist religion.


2) Po Lin Monastery

Besides the Wong Tai Sin Temple, Po Lin Monastery is one of the biggest attraction of Hong Kong. Located on the Lantau Island, this vestige is a religious center but also an incredible architectural wonder. From the moment you step inside the complex, you will notice its main attraction: a 34 m tall Buddha statue, made entirely from bronze. You're actually assisting to a record because the Po Lin's artifact is the biggest statue representing a Buddha, from the entire world.


3) Wanchai Livelihood Museum

Wanchai is a special place, mostly because it was not built in the Traditional Chinese way. The museum was constructed in 1920 by the British, and it borrows many Western motifs. This building is designed as a livelihood museum, aiming to promote and present the true spirit of Wanchai neighborhood and not only. The museum is extremely animated and you can often assist to different exhibitions or art festivals.


4) Lam Tsuen

Lam Tsuen is not some impressive construction but it truly is a great cultural and religious center of Hong Kong. Lam Tsuen is represented by 2 banyan trees, which are believed to be around 700 years old. Besides their beauty, there is another good reason to visit this sanctuary. The residents would write their wishes to a piece of paper, tie it to an orange and then throw it on the tree. This is considered by them a good luck charm. Even if this tradition is now forbidden, in an attempt to preserve the trees, you still have many things to do at Lam Tsuen.

5) Traditional massage therapy

Massage therapies were always an important part of Hong Kong's heritage. Their practices are being used for 2000 years, and are internationally known. Hong Kong's massage experts was often visited by royalties from around the world, just to experience their famous massage therapy. Today, you can still find saloons which perform this kind of massages, using the same ancient practices. By going to a traditional massage saloon, you will have the chance to experience the history of Hong Kong in a pleasant and relaxing way. You can find traditional saloons everywhere in the city and the price for a treatment session is not that high.


Hong Kong is a proof of living history and its rich culture still embraces the city with a mythical cloak. This is also, one of the few cities which successfully combines 2 different cultures. The Traditional Chinese civilization, combined with the British architecture, create a special and astonishing final product, which is Hong Kong.



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