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Tips For The First Time Visitors To Hong Kong

Place:Victoria PeakHong KongChina
Tags: Culture
When:Oct 15, 2017.
Hong Kong is one of the most amazing places on earth and the most cosmopolitan city in Asia. If you visit it for the first time you'll be amazed by everything it has to offer you. Futuristic skyscrapers, complicated roads, great folk culture, museums, parks, art expos and so much more. The following are some of the top things you should definitely do in Hong Kong as a first time visitor to the city.

Enjoy the View from the Victoria Peak

Don't leave Hong Kong without taking a trip to Victoria Peak, which is the highest mountain in the city. Standing at 552 meters above sea level, it offers breathtaking views of the whole city and over the Victoria Harbor. On a clear day, you can actually see as far as the surrounding islands, whether, during night time, the view are simply beyond imagination. Keep in mind also that the viewing on deck offers several telescopes, in order to have better views around you.


Shop at Temple Street Night Market

This is definitely a place you should visit; it's the busiest and liveliest night market in the city. You need to remember though that is crowded, noisy, you can have a great time walking around smell, taste and watch the vendors selling their products. In fact, the range of the merchandise is varied, from small souvenirs to inexpensive jewelry and clothing, as well as various everyday items. Actually, here you can find anything you wish; from toys, pears, decoration items, sporting goods to hats, wallets, electronics. You can also buy food here and you can taste the Dai Pai Dong (open-air street stall) food. There is plenty of glam and glitz, but just remember to bargain hard.


Visit Museums & Temples

Get the chance to visit some of the most interesting museums of the world. The Heritage museum focuses on local culture, where you can also see a number of impressive exhibitions like the Bruce Lee exhibition. Or you can go to the Space Museum, that features a curved ceiling planetarium, where you can gaze the stars and the universe. You can discover plenty of gadgets and action for space and science in this museum. You can also visit various temples, like the Chi Lin Nunnery. If you love history and culture, in this temple you can see various statues, like the Sakyamuni Buddha, the goddess of mercy Guanyin, which is made out of clay, gold, and wood. This is actually the largest handmade wooden building of the world, which is made out of cypress wood. Moreover, you can grasp the opportunity to explore various monasteries, like the Po Lin Monastery (founded in 1906.), where you can see statues of Buddhas made out of bronze.


Experience a Traditional Hong Kong Spa

Get the chance to pamper yourself in a nice traditional spa in the most amazing city in the world. You can find many spas that offer a wide range of unique Hong Kong massage therapies, that include different therapies drawing on the philosophies of traditional Chinese treatments. Allow yourself to transform your body, mind, and spirit in a serene oasis of relaxation in one of the busiest cities in the South-East Asia.


For your first visit in Hong Kong, try to see all the above in order to have an amazing visit in one of the liveliest cities in the world.



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